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Board of Directors

The Global Neuroscience Initiative Foundation encompasses a team of voluntary experts who support and offer guidance coherent to the Initiative mission.  The following individuals in alphabetical order are esteemed members who serve in the Board of Advisors:

Mark Fernando, PhD

Mark Fernando

Dr. Fernando is the Director for University Outreach & Academic Initiatives and Dean of the Faculty of Continuing Education and Corporate Services, for Warnborough University. He also serves as the Director of the University's Advanced Research Centre for Comparative Bioethics (ARCCB).

Medical Ethics, Education


Trisha Fink, MCSE

Trisha Fink

Mrs. Fink is the Executive Director of the National Coalition for Students with Disabilities (NCSD), expanding its mission, objectives, and projects.  She is instrumental in the NCSD-Initiative partnership, promoting personal and professional development online courses and programs, while establishing an Education Committee under the Distance Education Division.

Computer Science, Learning Disabilities, Education


Chuck Koonapareddy, MD, MPh

Chuck Koonapareddy

Dr. Koonapareddy serves the Initiative in both education and advisory capacities in neuroscience, psychiatry, public health, and preventive medicine, especially while integrating them with genetics, biochemistry, and molecular biology.  He is a proponent of universal and global access to healthcare and education at a standardized cost or for free.

Medicine, Public Health, Education


Zack Lynch, MS

No Photo Available

Mr. Lynch is the managing director of NeuroInsights, a research and advisory firm defining the neurotechnology industry. He is also the Executive Director of the Neurosociety Institute, a non-profit think tank that analyzes the societal implications of neurotechnology and is an advisor to the Center for Cognitive Liberty & Ethics, Center for Brain Studies, and SocialText, a social software company. He is currently finishing his book titled, Neurosociety: How Brain Science Will Shape the Future of Business, Politics and Culture.

Ethics, Neurotechnology, Education


Lorraine Qualls

No Photo Available

Mrs. Qualls is a family woman, educator, and creative artist that has a passion to voluntarily educate children.  She guides the Initiatives creative regimes and curriculum development for various sponsored and partnership projects.  With therapeutic and recreational methods, Mrs. Qualls stimulants the minds of afflicted individuals and aims to reduce stigmatization.

Creative Arts, Poetry, Education


H. S. Siddamallaiah, PhD

No Photo Available

Dr. Siddamallaiah is the Principal Library and Information Officer of the esteemed Indian National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS) and serves as President of the Karnataka Library Association (KALA).  He envisions the Initiative as a "global institution for the brain-mind-behaviour axis" and is a proponent of open access Initiative campaigns.  As a instrumental officer of the NIMHANS partnership, Dr. Siddamallaiah is the official Ambassador to the Initiative.

Library Science, Information Technology, Neuro-Informatics, Education


Aaron Wall

Aaron Wall

Mr. Arron Wall is the authority on search engine optimization and web marketing.  As a syndicated author, moderator for many major search engine and database companies, and an active contributor to The Search Engine Journal, Mr. Wall has published a comprehensive book entitled SEO-Book.

Marketing, Business, Education

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