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Certificate Program in Neuroscience - Neuroscience Initiative

The Certificate Program in Neuroscience is designed for a wide variety of students interested in the life sciences that deals with the anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, and molecular biology of nerves and nervous tissue, their interrelations with behavior and learning, and bioinformatic approaches to the organization and orientation of information. With a combination of courses and options for interdisciplinary research, students should be well placed to enter graduate schools in neuroscience and related disciplines, penetrate the scientific workforce, and ultimately have greater knowledge of the intricacies of neuronal processes and their malfunctions.  The four courses of the entire Certificate Program may be completed online or half may be transferred from other accredited colleges, licensing programs, or documented learning activities.

Neuroscience Certificate Program Requirements






Fundamentals of Neuroscience



Students may elect to focus their study into a specific aspect of neuroscience:


Neuroinformatics (e.g. Computation Cognitive Neuroscience, and Introduction to Neuroinformatics)

Health Psychology & Behavioral Medicine (e.g. Introduction to Health Psychology & Behavioral Medicine, Abnormal Psychology, and Pharmacological Therapies for Brain Disorders)

Alternative Medicine (e.g. Ayuvedic, Oriental Medicine, and Ancient Approaches to Brain Disorders)

Learning and Cognition (e.g. Topics in Cognitive Neuroscience, and Psychology of Perception)

Research (e.g. Research Topics in Neuroscience, Neuroscience Research I, and Neuroscience Research II)


1 (or 3 without Specialization)

May be any course offered by the Neuroscience Initiative Distance Education Division not used to meet the Core or Specialization requirements.

Transfer & Residency Policy:  Courses taken at regionally accredited colleges, certain licenses and certifications, and select documented learning activities may transfer to the Certificate Program provided the official course description is comparable to an existing Core or Specialization course, or if petitioned as an Elective, the course discipline is in neuroscience or a related field. At least half of the Certificate courses must be taken with the Neuroscience Initiative, unless contracted courses are pre-approved by the Director of the Distance Education Division.

Distance Education Division of the Neuroscience Initiative

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