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Initiative Therapeutic Recreational Center

By organizing the efforts of non-profit charities, medical centers, licensed medical and mental health professionals, general volunteers, and government agencies, the Global Neuroscience Initiative Foundation is establishing free and open-access Initiative Therapeutic Recreational Centers (TRC) throughout the world primarily for individuals afflicted with physical and mental health disorders of all ages (the Initiative's patrons).  The services of the TRC will help patrons to develop and use their leisure in ways that enhance their health, independence, and well-being.  The program will elevate patron self-esteem, build stronger social support, and augment his/her physical and mental wellbeing.  It will ultimately reduce stigmatization by fostering successful re-integration into society.

The Initiative-TRC will provide a host of complimentary medical, therapeutic, recreational services to patrons, including:

  • medical and psychological evaluations for the uninsured;
  • maintenance of prescribed pharmacological interventions and non-invasive physical and psychosocial modalities;
  • activities to enhance physical endurance and functionality and increase mental stamina, memory, and abilities;
  • outdoor activities, including gardening, sporting activities, and physical therapies regimes;
  • indoor activities, including arts and crafts, music, and physical education;
  • healthy meals, nutritional snacks, and dietitian advice, in collaboration with Project Angel Food.
  • socialization options, including field trips;
  • computers and broadband internet access terminals;
  • career information, counseling, and placement;
  • entertainment, including cable TV, videos, and DVD;
  • assistance in securing public benefits and services, in the capacity of an active resource center, including In-Home-Supportive Services, Public Housing, and Medicaid/care;
  • independent, group, and on-site study educational programs in collaboration with the Initiative Distance Education Division; and
  • full private library services, including free monthly book programs for children in collaboration with the First Book.
The Initiative-TRC developmental efforts will initially focused on select major and severely underserved areas, including:
  • Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Boston/Cambridge, MA, USA
  • China
  • India
  • Fiji Islands

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