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Brain Sciences & Neuropsychiatry - Neuroscience Initiative

Dear Initiative and Potential Editorial Board Members,

Our non-profit charity research, informatory, patient welfare, and educational organization wishes to establish a new open-access scholarly journal with BioMed Central (, an independent publishing house committed to ensuring peer-reviewed biomedical research is open access - immediately and permanently available online without charge or any other barriers to access.  We at the Initiative are strong proponents of the new generation of journals committed to open access and we have signed the Budapest Open Access Initiative.

We wish to promptly and properly establish the journal Brain Sciences & Neuropsychiatry to serve as an official scholarly publication of the Global Neuroscience Initiative Foundation. The journal will provide a broad forum for discussion on a range of neuro-related sectors, including, and not limited to, molecular neuropsychiatry and the neurobiology of abnormal behaviors; neuro-pharmaceutical and neuro-chemical studies; structure, distribution, actions and functions of neuropeptides; and the ontology or systematic organization of neuro scientific data. Emphasis is given to common neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders (schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, autism, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, and depression). The journal will consider: Research, Commentaries, Hypotheses, Debate, Methodology, Case reports, Reviews, and Short reports.  In summary, Brain Sciences and Neuropsychiatry will chiefly presents articles related to the basic neurosciences underlying the neuropathology of and pharmaceutical interventions for neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders. The journal will consider: Research, Commentaries, Hypotheses, Debate, Methodology, Case reports, Reviews, and Short reports.

There are no other journals in biological or molecular psychiatry that is truly open-access. The emergence of novel genomic and proteomic technologies and approaches to study of neuropathology of psychiatric disorders warrants a journal capable of quickly and assertively disseminating research results to an expansive global audience. Brain Sciences & Neuropsychiatry will also present anti-stigmatization and non-discrimination reports and articles geared towards medical professionals in consultation with the Distance Education Division of the Initiative, for researchers have identified a deeply troubling form of stigma exhibited by health care professionals themselves inducing patient mistrust in treatment providers.

We are current procuring an international Editorial Board will consist of prominent scientists (neuroscientists, neurophysiologists, bio-informaticians), psychologists (health, neuro-, behavioral), and clinicians (psychiatrists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, biotechnologists) who are welcome to the Initiative as executive members. Each Board member will contribute at least one editorial piece per year or delegate the editorial composition duty to another Board member who mutually agrees. Manuscripts submitted to the journal will be first assessed by an Editor-in-Chief and then allocated to the Deputy Editor. The Deputy Editor will direct the peer-review process, conducted by a minimum of two reviewers, either by external peer-reviewers or other Board members. The final decision on a manuscript will be taken by an Editor-in-Chief and the Deputy Editor, based on the recommendation of the referees' reports and consultants.

If you wish to join the Editorial Board in various capacities (e.g. Editor, Advisor, Consultants), please direct your correspondence to Mrs. Sunita Kumari.  We will adhere to the publisher's copyright, license, article-processing policies, in addition to our foundation's mission, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) guidelines, and ethical frameworks.  Thank you.



Director, Neuroscience Initiative
Deputy Editor,
Brain Sciences & Neuropsychiatry

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